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I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.










The graduates’ feedback says it all


"Thank you very much for your work.
May the Lord bless you and give you more hearts seekers eager to know God, seeking to make his calling on the ground and reach the kingdom of God. "

"Thank God for your work.
The lessons that you have prepared, very interesting and useful. " 

"I'm glad to meet you!
This year marked my life waiting for the results sent you a lesson.
It was a good test.
But apart from that, I got a lot of revelations and quite new to me information.Thanks you for your service in the knowledge of the Lord!
I'm so used to you!
I do not know you, but I love you! "

"I believe that such courses are very necessary for the spiritual growth of believers.
They help to study the Scriptures to those who can not afford to study in theological schools. "

 "Thank you so much for your work in Christ Jesus.
For me, this is the first school I graduated from, and with it with pleasure. "

"Thank you Lord, who has given the opportunity to engage with the knowledge of His truth.
Of course thank you very much for your patience in checking my answers.
Of course a pity to leave, I would like to continue their education even further. "

This Bible School helps people learn the principles of the doctrine of Christ, and provides a good basis for further growth in Christ Jesus. "

"Thank you for training a lot for me to clarify, I am strengthened in many ways." 

"Thank you for the course.
Very rich and diverse.
Sometimes very tricky questions that I often doubted the correctness of their answers.
Thank you for your work - sure, it was not in vain and will bear fruit in this century and in the future. "

 "Thank you so much for this course!
I believe that the knowledge obtained in the course of training will bring forth fruit in the ministry to which God has called me. "

"Thank you very much for the course, learned a lot and want to learn more and more.
I would like to know - is there a continuation of the course? "

"I thank God that He gave me this great impact, opportunity to study in a Bible school.
For what God has given you patience necarry all those temporary impairments that I made that instead of weeks responded to lessons in a month ...
Excuse me, but I did not want artificially accelerate the time to answer.
It is sad that we are breaking up.
During my studies, I learned a lot of useful, I know God more versatile and he has told me many new faces and I acquired a gem, has become more multi-faceted. "
"Thank you, for me this blessing."

 "I was very happy to learn the lessons that you sent me.
I pretty much learned through practicing, and during that time I had a ministry in the church, for the unbelievers adolescents.
Often I use the skills learned in the study your lessons! "
"The result of course taken just enormous.
These lessons not only helped me a lot in life to look different, but many of my relatives and friends.

They helped us to correctly understand many passages of Scripture and the history of Christianity.
And most importantly, that the outcome of these studies can not express the final result --- it is infinite! seed sown on and on. "

"I'm just glad that the Lord has given me such a wonderful school.
Useful to me knowledge of your school to preach the gospel to people.
Thank you for your patience, understanding and most importantly, for the support you gave me. "

My heart's desire to express gratitude and great appreciation of what I could learn in your school, and become better acquainted with their personal Savior.
How wonderful that there FBS in Russian, where you can bathe in deep thought, the Lord Jesus Christ, and scoop up something for sermons, ie carry this good news perishing world.
Work hard and continue to go on like this. "

"Thank you for what I went through your Bible school.
This study gave me the knowledge and confidence to go further in God, to know Him more and will make my vocation on earth. "

 "The course is just wonderful.
Thank you very much.
I learned a lot of what used to not paying attention. "

 "Thank you very much for your letter.
It is so encouraging.
You know, there are questions that first put one answer, and when the check back, as if Teacher corrects.
And, as it turns out right.
Often, I do not expect that everything is correct.
But, thank God, you write: "All right."
Thank God for this blessing - a meeting with you. "

 "Thank you for the kind words!
I will pray for you.
You are great!
So cool that you're working on the cause of God!
May God give you even more students, so you can help them to know God more and closer! "

 "I am so grateful to the Lord that He has revealed to me this way of knowing him through you.
It is such a blessing for me.
Thank you for this wonderful service to the needy in your knowledge of the Lord, like me.
This year for me ends happily getting to know you. "

Dream of my life, and I regard it as the main call from the Lord, - to release the next level of the program, "The Bible as a whole," which reveal the indissoluble unity of the Old and New Testaments and their practical application for Christians today.




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