Denver - Colorado - USA

I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.


      Several years ago HIMCenter started a wonderful tradition of women fellowship.

   With a cup of tea and home made treats women meet to read the Bible, share insights on family    issues , and support each other with prayer. In an easy going setting they create a mini community    welcoming newcomers and nurturing established relationships.

   There are about 12 women of faith and approximately same number of unbelievers attending these    gatherings.

   For those knowing Christ, these meetings help strengthen their faith and others to discover His    identity.

   This group includes a different range of ages and backgrounds. Women help each other with    everyday life issues from simple cold remedies and food recipes to giving rides for medical    appointments and interpreting paperwork.

   A heartwarming, sincere environment transforms attitudes, and teaches women how to be accepting    of themselves and others making them more loving and caring wives and mothers.

   The most recent group activity was a weekend out-of-town retreat for the ‘Secret of the Vine’    conference. Time spent was a good investment into spiritual development and growing closer as    friends.

   In the past year, three women made a confession of faith and several others made a great leap from    atheistic outlook to opening up to God’s Spirit and Holy Scripture.

   This growing ministry is supported strictly by women’s own contributions.

     This ministry helps make contact with families for evangelizing.

Sponsored by Multiethnic Network of Colorado
Partnered with HOPE Intercultural Mission Center, Denver, CO