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…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
Acts 1:8


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Hope Intercultural Mission Center, which is located in Denver, Colorado, is an exciting and effective ministry. One of the most profound ways God is at work through this ministry is in His movement to reach out to the Jewish community worldwide!

 Hope Intercultural Mission Center has the opportunity to host an evangelistic trip to Israel. We are calling this trip “From the Ends of the Earth to Jerusalem.” Both English and Russian speaking participants will travel together on a memorable trip of this country. Of those planning to travel with us, some are not yet followers of Jesus. This trip will be an evangelistic opportunity as the Gospel story is told while visiting the very sights where Jesus, the Messiah, walked and shared with people!

Along with the standard tour aspects, this trip is designed to help us better understand our local ministry to the Jewish community in Denver. At the Hope Intercultural Mission Center, God is opening up many opportunities with the Russian Jewish community. This is remarkable! To better understand this people group (as well as best practices in ministering to them), a significant objective of this trip is to dialogue and study the Russian Jewish community living in Israel.

The parallels in ministry strategy are significant and crucial for us to grasp as we seek to reach our own community.

Finally, this trip will afford further opportunities to build strategic relationships with ministries in Israel, which Hope Intercultural Mission Center is in partnership with. God is at work in Israel and Hope Intercultural Mission Center is committed to helping brothers and sisters in Christ, who courageously live their faith in Israel.

Any donation will be accepted! Please ask about our fund raising projects; Arts & Crafts sales Bake sales Helping hands

“If I forget you, oh Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill! If I do not remember you, Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth, If I don’t exalt Jerusalem, above my chief joy. Psalms 137:5,6

Sponsored by Multiethnic Network of Colorado
Partnered with HOPE Intercultural Mission Center, Denver, CO