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I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.













Alla Solodova

Coordinator of the Internet Correspondence Bible School

Born and raised in Ukraine, I graduated from The Odessa Bible College in 1993. I was directly involved in the project (first on the post-Soviet territory) of developing and publishing a complete series of Bible Study programs in Russian, written by domestic authors. Many of them were translated into the languages of the former Soviet republics and have been successfully used up to now.

In 2008 I started active ministry at the HOPE Intercultural Center, the main focus of which was the Internet Correspondence Bible School. The Basic Course consisting of 27 units that present the main Biblical ideas of prayer, the Church, God, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, etc. was translated into the electronic format.
During the last five years 270 individuals submitted their applications. These are people from different denominations and age groups, approximately the same percentage of men and women, as well as new believers, mostly from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, Israel, America, Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

By now, 70 people have graduated and received Certificates. Correspondence with some of them is still going on: we answer their questions and send them links to valuable biblical materials. Some of them have even grown into the category of “spiritual children”. As a rule, there are about 20 students at a given point in time, communication with whom is not limited by the program curriculum. A number of students had to interrupt their studies due to family issues, inability to afford the Internet service, or because of entering a college. Others responded that they had already studied similar courses and would like to find a program for deeper studies, especially on The Old Testament. Rare were the cases when people would enter the site just for mere curiosity. The graduates’ feedback says it all.

My lifelong dream (and I view it as my major calling from the Lord) is to develop the next level of the program “Bible As a Whole”, demonstrating the indissoluble unity of The Old and New Testaments, a swell as their practical application for modern Christians. 




Sponsored by Multiethnic Network of Colorado
Partnered with "HOPE" Intercultural Center, Denver, CO