Denver - Colorado - USA

I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.


      VISION Modern technology radically changes all the spheres of human life, activity and household and introduces innovations into them.
     The urge to spread the Good News under the current conditions also makes us look for acceptable and effective ways.
     Recording programs on CDs and giving them out personally (or sending them out), in our opinion, has several advantages:

  • It is a cheaper variant of transferring information (by %60) than the air time.

  • In the highly busy world you can’t always find the necessary time to spend at your radio-set to listen to broadcasts.
    However, having received a CD in your hand, you can find time at your convenience and later give it to other people.

  • Disks will be free of charge for people, which will allow easier access to them and more efficient usage of them.

  • The programs will be translated into other languages – Mongolian and Spanish.

  • If need be, disks can be used for missionary work in other states, too.

  • There will be a possibility to listen to all available programs in the Internet.


    Is targeted at spreading the Good News through radio programs, recorded on CD disks.
    The goal of these programs is not only to inform the listeners but also to provoke in them thoughts on the meaning of life and to point to the true hope,
    the Savior, to those who need and look for God. Because such RADIO will be listened to in automobiles, homes, and just on portable players,
    we assume that disks will be passed on and circulate among other interested people.

    Listeners will have a possibility to receive the disks at their home addresses and to conduct personal correspondence with the HOPE Center,
    which will allow us to have a personal contact with people.

    The RADIO is planned to be a tool for reaching all Russian speaking residents of Colorado and the neighboring states.


    This picture shows what kind of listeners the radio programs are targeted and the listener’s ability to perceive information!

+3 - born again, rooted in the truth and able to teach and instruct others.

+2 - born again and need harder food. Active in ministry and growth.

+1 - born again, but are spiritual infant and need spiritual food and care. Passive in ministry.

0 - listeners of this category from 0 to 1 are looking for and able to perceive the Biblical truth. It is the main mission and church field.

-1 - not born again, have an opportunity to hear about God, but many a time are indifferent. They consider themselves moderately religious people.

-2 - not born again, are afraid of the opinions of others about themselves and have no time to hear about God.
They argue a lot and do not think of themselves as religious people.

-3 - not born again, aggressive, do not accept anything Divine, arrogant…

Our radio programs are targeted at the “ -2” category.

Sponsored by Multiethnic Network of Colorado
Partnered with HOPE Intercultural Mission Center, Denver, CO