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Intelligent Design

At this point we would like to launch a new project -- we want to publish quarterly an 8 page evangelistic newspaper called “Intelligent Design” in the Russian language. We already have 28 issues ready to publish. “Intelligent Design” is filled with beautiful color pictures and very interesting articles designed particularly to reach highly educated Russian speaking people from atheistic backgrounds, these people deeply value this scientific approach. “Intelligent Design” presents God as Creator in a manner that effectively communicates with these highly intellectual people who have a scientific background. At first, our target audience would be more than 75,000 Russian speaking residents living in our area.

We have plans to follow up with those who read “Intelligent Design” through face to face discussions as well as through our on-line Bible classes.

Everything is ready to publish “Intelligent Design” as soon as we receive the necessary funds so that we can start this project. Please pray with us that God would provide the money necessary for this project.

We have attached the bid for publishing each issue of “Intelligent Design” from a local publishing house. They are a very well respected publishing house and produce newspapers of very high quality.

If you could help us out with financing this project either partly (one issue) or for a year (4 issues), we will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your prayers.


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