Denver - Colorado - USA

I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise.


      Our ESL program is designed for all age groups and levels. Russian speakers (60-65,000 Russian    speaking residents currently in Denver) have high level education but because of the language barrier    experience hardships in adjusting to American society, which leads to a lot of frustration and their    being a burden on the government.

     The program serving on average 100 students per year has been operated by volunteers for 16    years, but 7 years ago it transformed into a more advanced ESL school with a higher level of    teaching, use of textbooks, convenient morning and evening class times and more instruction hours    per week. Our ESL classes provide an excellent opportunity to establish personal contacts with    people.

     In addition to mastering English, it is vitally important for immigrants in the United States to find the    right social environment. In our ESL classes people get to know one another better, making friends,    sharing helpful information and finding understanding, which helps them with their core life issues.

     Although the majority of our ESL students are Russian speaking groups, we also have had    immigrants from other countries: Ethiopia, Iraq, Sudan, Poland, Turkey, Mongolia, Israel...

Each school year we offer the following courses:

    1. General English: basic, intermediate, advanced. 4 hrs. per week
    2. Preparation for TOEFL;
    3. Citizenship Exam Preparation

Program expenses:

Student textbooks—$30 per set x 100 students
Citizenship preparation material on CD’s—$ 100 total per year
School supplies (markers, copy paper, note pads, erasers, snacks)

Sponsored by Multiethnic Network of Colorado
Partnered with HOPE Intercultural Mission Center, Denver, CO